There are many languages to choose from to learn as your second language. You can still try to find easy ways to learn a new language. The primary language element is essential because someone who is a native Portuguese speaker will find it very easy to learn Spanish or French. This is due to both languages being Latin based with many of the same grammar. However, if you were in your late 70s, it would be more difficult learning Italian or French compared to a younger age of 20 or 8. Statistics have shown that learning a new language gets harder the more you age. So, try learning a second language before you see grey hair.

It is apparent that the easiest language to learn is almost identical to your primary one. Western European languages are great examples.

In contrast, the Russian language will be more difficult for a French speaker to adapt to. As for people in the United States, many languages are not that comparable to it. Spanish may be the easiest language to find as far as learning a new language. The vocabulary of Spanish isn’t colossal like Italian. It is better if you live in a town where majority people speak Spanish in order to communicate better with it to the point you can make friends who speak it. Also, speaking Spanish as a second language will help you find bilingual jobs and improve your travels to Latin countries. You can become a professional registered nurse that is bilingual or simply have unique experiences in countries like Argentina and Peru.

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